Monday, November 23, 2009

What's good for some, isn't good for others.

I like Ralph Lauren. They make good shirts, khakis, suits, ties, and sweaters. While most of what Ralph Lauren sells, it on occasionally is inappropriately branded (see big pony). There are more obvious mishaps, and then there are subtle ones that, depending on the wearer, may or may not be off target. I think one of the best things about RL is that many pieces are staples. A man's wardrobe could be completely RL from it's selection of basic BD shirts, chinos, ties, jackets, suits, and even classic shoes, but I don't endorse this.



This shirt gets away from the RL wardrobe staple. It's a piece that is pulled out on occasion, just to add a little flair. If worn in this way, I think that this shirt could be worn in good taste, but if worn more than a couple times, I feel that this shirt may become "that shirt". You know, "that shirt" receives more eye rolls than a emoticon in an business email. Don't be pretentious, be subtly pretentious.

My call: Bad taste


  1. I think I couldn't agree more. That would have to be my once [maybe twice] a year shirt.
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  2. If you can get away with wearing a Brooks "fun shirt," you could wear this.

    Otherwise, no.