Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look @ What I'm Wearing

I don't get good vibes from this.


Seems like a lame marketing tool.

I don't know how this promotes the Gant brand; I guess constant exposure to the website by uploading your outfits in which people can comment how douchey you look.

You get free mp3s to apply to your outfits, which is worth as much as toilet paper.

Also, you've got to connect via facebook, letting know people that you actually care about how you look, which to some, is less than desirable.

I think they gave Brennan Woods @ some free stuff. Will I get some free stuff for posting about this? Probably not.

Oh, wait. I can get free mp3s to apply to my outfits. Woopie.

I kind of wish that brand marketing would take a chill pill. I feel that the less a brand tries to be cute about their marketing, the more I'm attracted to the brand. I can make my own decisions. I don't need to upload 'outfits' via facebook (I do that on blogger... pause). I was attracted to the Gant brand, until now. This is just lame. My money will be taken elsewhere.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grown Up Silly Bandz

In case you haven't heard, the kids are ragin' about silly bandz. So much so, that people have produced some music to promote the brand.

Next time you need a bumpin' tune for your next party, you can thank me.

Now trendsetters are adult-inizing silly bandz as they show off their man jewelry as if to say, "I may be 34, but I can accessorize better than a 11 year old girl." Tailors are including working sleeve buttons on jackets, invented so dudes can roll their sleeves to show off their collection of adult silly bandz.


This guy is super silly steezy. Look at all those adult silly bandz. I'm not sure why he hasn't unbuttoned his jacket sleeves. Maybe they're not working button holes, like many jacket button holes pre-adult silly bandz fad.


Poor guy only has one adult silly band. If you've got a couple extra, maybe you could lend them to this guy.


This guy brings new meaning to "get silly".

Photos via giltmanual and someplaceidontremember.

Remember folks. Stay relevant and get lots and lots of adult silly bandz. Fake Rolex dealers will thank you.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Indian Bummer

Second day of fall? Long sleeves are getting left at home. Hell, jeans are pushing it. We can't wait to preview the flannel, but all good things have their time. Come February, I'm going to be wondering why I was in such a hurry to wear sweaters.


Go short sleeve with a thrifted Eddie Bauer seersucker shirt. Did this see a tailor? Naw, all those tight fitting clothes tend to do a lousy job of regulating your body temperature. I'm not swimming in it via trad style, but it's no SE fit.


Fresh jeans and hat. Gotta' keep it clean for the first few weeks of school.


John Rawls: great philosopher, confusing writer.

Socks might have been a bit much today as it nears 90.


"You gotta' take notes."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Silliest of Pants


You've seen this image before. Gant and MB s/s '11, right? It's based off of Marilyn Monroe's husbands. One of them being Joe DiMaggio, who probably inspired these pants with baseball bats embroidered on them. They're not bad, but I do have one problem with them. DiMaggio probably would have never worn them. When worn by a non-ball player, they're wimsical. When worn by a ball player, they're tacky and boastful. Do others wear their profession on their sleeve? Usually not. Do you see doctors wearing ties referencing their profession? Actually, sometimes you see pediatricians wearing ties with stethescopes on them, but they're the silliest of doctors.


Don't wear your profession on your sleeve. If people want to know that, they'll ask you.

Sidenote: If you're a pediatrician and are under the impression that you aren't silly, you're reading this, which means that you are quite silly.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dress Shirts

People new to the game of wearing a tie have it wrong. Well, they're wearing a tie right, but it's about the shirt. Casual shirts DO NOT WORK. Casual shirts are meant to be worn without a tie. They typically have floppy collars, and are fitted in S,M,L, which results in an inappropriate sleeve length and TERRIBLE collar fit. The collar is bound to be too big (not often the case for those with fitted shirts) or too small (I see this a whole lot more).

Because the collar doesn't fit, we see a lot of kids rocking the loose tie... before hours. This is blaspheme. This results in looking affected, and reminds me of walking about with your fly down. The tie comes loose after hours bro, when your date is so hot you can't handle it (well, maybe not, but we can wish).

Also, S,M,L dress shirts can be the downfall of many a folk. The fit is typically off and even if the collar is stiff, it won't look as clean cut as you would hope. Know your collar size and know your sleeve length, then hit up Lands End, Brooks Brothers, or LL Bean to find a shirt that fits.

Sidenote: To all those 'skinny' guys out there, you won't swim in a LL Bean slim fit or a Land's End tailored fit, BoO has just trained you to think so. Tuck your shirt in, and you'll see how amazing a LL Bean or Land's End oxford can be.

Sidenote 2: GQ has more info here.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rolex? More like Borelex

Spend all you want trying to find vintage Rolexes 'cause they totally reflect your vintage and hard working personality, this guy won't be throwing out the dough for that (until a real salary comes about, of course).


When I wear my dirt cheap Casio I'm channeling the:
"Oh, baby, are you into nerds? No? Damn."
"Dominos doesn't offer the 555 deal anymore?"
"I was considering plastic, but this cheap metal looks so much more classy"
"I blacked-out and lost my watch. Get over it."
"Actually, my mother does have several pink flamingos in her lawn." vibe.

If you fit any of these vibes, then this watch might just be for you.


When I wear this watch, I get so excited I shake.

You can skip lunch and order it here.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friends Got Yo' Back

Thrifting is something I spend a decent amount of time doing. I'm usually collecting old BB ties or digging through old men's belts and shoes (finding AE shoes in 9s rather than 10s drives me bonkers). Knowing labels always helps. Last semester I took my roommate for one of my scavenging trips and he picked up the gist of what's good and what's worthless. Over the summer, his grandfather was cleaning out his closet and gave a bunch of his stuff for my roommate to root through. My roommate didn't fit into any of it, but he picked up this Lacoste/Izod sweatshirt for me.


It surprisingly fits very well for a large. Snug but not tight, it fits exactly like I want my sweatshirts to fit like. It looks super sharp with an oxford or polo. I'm guessing it's an 80s sweatshirt as research turned up nothing. Y'all can go around spending mad dough on finding the "perfect sweatshirt" (and on that note I would like to add that finding a perfect sweatshirt is dumb. It's a sweatshirt, not a suit) but I'll get mine for free.

Edit: Uber-prep sweatshirts or bust for this guy.


This all being said, I didn't just show you this sweatshirt to tell you how homo my relationship with my roommate is, but to show you how sometimes dressing well is about being a community. One good turn will always result in another. When it comes to thrifted clothes, don't just remember yourself: remember your friends, remember your siblings, and remember that helping each other out can be easy on your wallet.

Sidenote: I went back through old posts. I can't believe how bad the layout looked. Ew.

Sidenote 2: Dear Jake Davis, more lovely ladies in menswear. PLZ.

Sidenote 3: GQ, bums use roller luggage, not classy gentlemen.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

3Sixteen Camp Hat

3Sixteen doesn't really need anyone tooting their horn. They've successfully marketed their brand into the hearts of a wide range of denim enthusiasts and oxford junkies. So maybe this is a thank you note that never got into the mail.


I'm a sucker for ball caps. Sartorialists all over can bemoan the decline of culture that the ball cap has brought upon us, but being a college student, a full brimmed hat or a driver's hat looks contrived and reminiscent of that kid who tried to bring them back in high school. I'll make a metaphor for you. If a driver's hat or full brimmed hat is the cherry on the top of the ice cream sunday, then you'll need a solid bunch of ice cream and syrup beneath it. I'm a college student, I don't wear suits (often), I don't wear long overcoats, and I'm not dressing in that ice cream sunday style. Casually, (i.e. when I'm not wearing a blazer) I'll throw a ball cap on as it feels and looks right.


Camp caps have gotten a revival from streetwear brands as an alternative to those flat brimmed monstrosities. When I picked up a patterned polar fleece camp cap from Durkl last winter, I was hooked as it quickly became my winter go to over my Filson tin cloth ball cap. I picked these two as alternatives as they're certainly less peacocky. After taking the rip-stop canvas green cap for a few test drives, I've gotta' say: these are some well made hats.

So, thanks 3Sixteen, they're dope.