Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Are your pants too tight?

I hadn’t heard from Sam Franklin for sometime so I had a pleasant surprise last Friday when I got an email from him. 

It wasn’t the typical, questioning drivel I’ve become used to; it was a well-thought out explanation of a rule of thumb(law). Tiring of the deafening subjectivity of #menswear philosophists, SF drafted a test for a transgression that he and I have seen far too much of. He then sent it to me in an encrypted file (the paranoia of any great creator is that someone may take your work) which I have just now unlocked to share with all of you.

His post isn’t long and it offers helpful insight into your day-to-day functioning as an adult male who purchases trousers perhaps a tad-too-small. We’ve all done it, but recognizing that you’ve done it - that is, purchase trousers a tad-too-small - is the first step to correcting your errors. 


how u now u trosers are too small? 

if pepple can c your pen is

 photo b008badc-c63f-465e-9a17-68a881d25188_zps52953ef3.jpg

no one wants to c your penis in pubic

 photo 824f8cda-befc-4c6c-8524-7c4c9f104bf5_zps9e3d2e2f.jpg

sartorial doctrine more like penile doctrine amaright?

 photo df6da374-5635-45b4-a178-a3db5a8112df_zpsf32dfdb9.jpg

matt peen wers pants too small

 photo c18f8bfa-fc0e-4e34-9d20-5e804a4d77af_zps5f157d8d.jpg

some ppl grow pubes on their face

 photo 07494dbf-aec5-415a-bd58-79be478edcd1_zps692c0eb1.jpg

how do u no your pants r too tight?

pen is

dats how.

learn the basics

folow the rule

no man is a island

every man is a pen island

- Sam Franklin

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