Sunday, August 30, 2009

My father prescribes to the JD cologne because it was cool back in the early 70s when he was growing up. He bought me a bottle a few Christmases ago and at first I was less than impressed with the scent. Maybe because my father wore it, or maybe because it's first scents smell like baby powder, but I didn't wear it for the longest time. Now, with everyone still lathering on Axe spray like we did in middle school, I have started to wear it in the past year. At first it smells like baby powder, but then you're left with a citrus-ey and musky smell. While it's no Sex Panther cologne, it's an evening scent that's cheap as dirt and leaves you smelling like something other than an Abercrombie model.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

So I love Wallabees. They're boots and loafers, making them good for winter and fall. They're good with skinny jeans, relaxed jeans, and chinos - not so much shorts but what did you expect? They're boots. The crepe soles kill it and not too many people wear these in my area. None, actually. Anyway, I plan on getting a pair sometime and this is my favorite colorway. What do you think?

Parting Thoughts: I recently have been putting my iTunes library on shuffle and have been discovering jems in my library. I thought I might share one with you. It has some gay auto-tune club vibes that I find kind of awesome. And to think that I usually just listen to hardcore, metal, and pop punk.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bowties and the Rural Problem

This is a bowtie from FM Allen. It's a glen check pattern and it kills on blue shirts like the one it's on now. This combo is awesome, right? Well, I'm sad to say, in most rural areas, a necktie is dressed up - a bowtie, even if well put together, is clownish, no matter what. This is truly unfortunate that the common 'dressy' apparel is a polo and khakis, if that. I've seen secretaries in my hometown at work in a tshirt, and many, many new professionals losing the tie in favor of the pique polo. A necktie draws glances in public now, and they're not good. The glances usually say something like, "Wow, is he pretentious or what?" or, "Who does he think he is, Chuck Bass?" This is a sad day for people who enjoy dressing well in rural areas. While NY has been running towards the fad of trad in recent years, rural areas fell to the fad of the bad cotton graphic t-shirt and has been staying there for years. /endrant

Parting Thoughts: If I thought I was Chuck Bass, I'd wear a bowtie instead of a necktie kthx.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh Gawd... Bad Pic Quality

Notice the alumni and Reserve ties in the middle and on the far right. The center right one is an un-labeled wool weave.
Vintage Brooks Brothers on the left. On the right, is from a closed Men's store in Lock Haven. It had custom ties made for it back in the day. Is that cool or what? The center two are regimental ties from the UK. My Dad picked them up when he went to school there.
Vintage Brooks on the left, odd brand left center plaid, travel weave center right, and paisly on the right. The paisly feels a lot better than a typical no-name brand.
Centers are Brooks, so don't hate if they they look out of touch with today's style. They would be fly in 1982.

Parting thoughts: I'm downloading Warhammer Online. Will I become a video game spawn as I did when I played WoW? Hopefully not, but who knows. I might disappear off the face of the Earth someday, and get sucked into a video game world. That would be bad. So basically, it's just something else to take up my time - besides comics, clothes, movies, work, and school.


I don't think that there is anyone who kills it quite like this man. I really think the picture speaks for itself.

Parting Thoughts: So, I'm going to post my tie collection soon. I also would love to post yours. Send me pictures, please.

Monday, August 10, 2009

So, basically these were the kids I hung out with primarily at my boarding school. Cool, right? They're nice enough guys, but every stereotype in that video is %100 true. They'll even run down halls and dodge you like it's a real game. But fashion lessons are to be learned from them, besides the lax penny and turf shoes. For them, less is more. Higher quality stuff is better than a bunch of average stuff. Get stuff that will last you years, if Michael Williams can't convince you of that, let the lax bros convince you of that.

Parting thoughts: I wore my Keens in the yard today. I was hanging out in the house (with my lax penny, inoright?) without socks, when summoned by my father to work I just threw my Keens on and forgot about them. They're amazingly comfortable, but, like Crocs, a sin. Which is why they'll be confined to yardwork. I wish they looked better, I mean, I'm floating on air when I wear them.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I, like most new college students, have been having their parents slightly update their wardrobe for the fall. However, I picked up two summer-y pieces on sale that will serve me, hopefully, for years to come.
The belt with sail boats on it is made by Zep-Pro and I got it for $20 in Florida. It's a tad preppy, but I was yet to get a woven belt, which was sad.
I got these shorts from RRL for $30. While shorts with dogs on them are by no means a staple of a wardrobe, I will pull these out for cornhole games and dressy casual occasions.

Parting thoughts: I love sweater-vests but I think the metro-sexual has killed it for me. Now, I'm forced to wear them with a blazer which for many people, is too dressy even on sundays. To me that's just unfortunate.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

What the hell?

This photo was first published by Mister Mort and it should be mentioned that Mister Mort never said this man looked good nor did he say that he looked bad. Even if I were a gay, I do not think I would be attracted to this man. If you're a woman, then you can dress like a woman. If you're a man, you dress like a woman for charities and when you're smashed. First of all, men can wear pink, but they must balance it out with something masculine, like something other than pleated jeans, or gladiator sandals that just end up looking like cut-off heels. He could have rescued this outfit various ways, dress shoes, khakis, un-pleated jeans, a tote that was less of a purse, etc. I'm very, very sorry, but this man does not look well dressed to me. He looks lost about his own sexuality.