Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm regretting not having a camera as of this weekend. I went with my teammates to see our faster counterparts race at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and afterwards we went to Johnny's Deli in Bethlehem and had their famous bagels. Holy smokes, they make some mean bagels. I got two: a garlic bagel with salmon cream cheese spread and a plain bagel with blue berry cream cheese spread for dessert. The former blew my socks off with it's garlic-y and salty taste which made the salmon spread that much better. The plain bagel with blueberry spread, while not as awesome as the previous bagel, proved itself much better than a Dunkin' Donut bagel. Warm, fresh, and dripping blueberry hunks out of the melting cream cheese, the bagel just melted sweetly into my mouth (yeah, it sounds so gay but tastes so straight). Looking for pictures online, I only found an angry reviewer complaining about how the service there hit on women... stupid feminists ruining my view of a perfect shop (can I say that?). I wish I had a camera to show you my delicious meal. I wish my area had a good bagel shop. I wish...

Parting thoughts: I'm feeling the diner coffee mug. I'll have to steal one sometime.


  1. "can I say that?"...A blog entitled "A Guide To Bad Taste" doesn't apologize to anyone or second guess itself. Ever.