Sunday, November 15, 2009

Moon Boots

I have neglected the theme of my blog for, well, almost all of my posts. You may not have picked up that my blog was originally intended to feature bad taste but I ended up posting on stuff I thought was cool. Well, now, after +40 posts, I'm finally picking up where I intended this blog to go. I present you:


Brooks Brothers offers these on their online store. I'm not really sure who would wear these. Hipsters? Astronauts? Mountain climbers? They seem to be something one would order from Sierra Trader's in order to climb Everest. I can't imagine them being worn for any other purpose. Would you wear these? Would you wear these is you were older than 50? Would you wear these if you just need a warm boot to walk your dog in? Would you wear these with green eggs and ham? I would not wear these Sam I am.

Parting thoughts: Postal Service - good lyrics = Owl City


  1. I saw there pieces of shit a while ago when I was browsing for shirts at BB. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. Who at Brooks decided these would be good to offer to WASP-y white dudes?

  2. Can't imagine they've made a profit off these but they probably didn't produce enough for it to make a dent in their profits.

    On another note, BB bowties are surprisingly cheap. $50 isn't bad at all, as long as you know how to tie them.