Saturday, November 24, 2012

IM Convo: Good & Bad

A few days ago, Sam and I had a conversation over IM. The following conversation occured:

Sam Franklin 10/31/12 - 5:34PM:
hey wat do u think of the nu collections lik fall and winer

John Lugg 10/31/12 - 5:40PM:
I mean, collections are all kind of the same. Is anyone doing anything new?

Sam Franklin 10/31/12 - 5:40PM:
what do you think i was asking you for

John Lugg 10/31/12 - 5:41PM:
I see a lack of creativity. Some are almost A&F referential, like Bentham F/W ’12. What is that supposed to mean? That we value early 2000s consumerism? Shrined by our own current consumerism?

Sam Franklin 10/31/12 - 5:41PM:
what about consumer choice

Sam Franklin 10/31/12 - 5:41PM:
doesnt the consumer decided what is correct inthe market doesnt the consumer decide who gets given wat jobs these are corporations they are looking for botton line

John Lugg 10/31/12 - 5:43PM:
But this, this? This cannot be #menswear’s true face? #menswear can’t just be a bunch of gentlemen bloggers (gentlemen farmers? basically the same thing socioeconomically -- not that the fact means anything about anyone in particular; just a curious observation about how money moves within generations) talking about clothing and their personal taste. We cannot just be a projection of A/W 2013. I concur that the bottom line will ultimately decide what gets sold. But aren’t things that are designed well supposed to be what is in the market? We haven’t reached a designed apex.

Sam Franklin 10/31/12 - 5:43PM:
things in the market arent designed well

Sam Franklin 10/31/12 - 5:43PM:

Sam Franklin 10/31/12 - 5:43PM:
so then menswear has an end and an end to the dualism of good and bad

John Lugg 10/31/12 - 5:44PM:

Sam Franklin 10/31/12 - 5:44PM:
what you just said meant that there must be an end. society as we currently know it has generally rejected this notion. you expect all clothing to reach an apex at the end. things will not democratize and then synthesize. they appear to just be pluralizing. 

Sam Franklin 10/31/12 - 5:44PM:
you expect progression to always be occurring. whats wrong with the laurels? men are spending a bit more on clothing and hopefully they’re buying a couple fewer pieces. things are actually progressing. is kohl’s a #menswear staple? theyre just not progressing as quickly as would satisfy the internet. plus menswear doesnt change you big dumbdumb.

Sam Franklin 10/31/12 - 5:44PM:
you expect every collection to be good. this is nonsense. for clothing to be good you need a comparative bad. even if everyone bought quality clothing, some clothing would be better than others. is a&f even really bad? its bad compared to our previous standards, but is it bad in a vaccuum? no. because its the only clothing.

Sam Franklin 10/31/12 - 5:44PM:
ends are imaginary. duality is necessary.

John Lugg 10/31/12 - 5:46PM:
wen did you lurn how to spell?

Sam Franklin 10/31/12 - 5:46PM:
one night you ate alphabet soup, drank too much, expelled the soup, and i ate it.

John Lugg 10/31/12 - 5:47PM:
i gess that makes cents