Monday, November 9, 2009


Keeping posts uniform while having your HTML screw everything up gets difficult. I have been lazy cleaning up as of late and hope that won't happen again. Anyway, thought I'd share a company based out of Minnesota, although outsources to China. Minnehaha makes bike bags that hang around the back of your bike seat. The shown model is $69.97, cheap for a bike specific bag. The construction is excellent, made of thick double layered cloth and supported with a wood bar. The straps are made of good leather that have aged well for me. There are a few problems: you can't fit a two liter in there and the buckle holes are too tight to strap the buckle in at first but break in with time. You can waterproof you bag with different treatments but avoid oils, as they can ruin the leather. They're good cheap bags but that's because they're made in China. I would advise a purchase if you ride a bike that needs a small bag and you're OK with outsourced products.

Parting thoughts: This post got me thinkin' it's time to bike before it gets too cold.

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