Sunday, August 8, 2010

TH. Pooped on no longer.

Tommy Hilfiger isn't all god awful. I own two TH v-neck sweaters and the cotton holds up in the wash and is better quality than say, Chaps or Club Monaco. Like most Macy's lines, you gotta' pick and choose, 'cause it's not all golden. It's cheaper than RL and totally riding riding Ralphie's D. So if you're looking for bargains without having to scoure random sales. Hit up TH cause it's not half bad.

I found those short boardshorts everyone has been fiending for. Consider these a coup de grace for your checkbook. Better than paying $100 somewhere else (don't tell anyone, but you can find RL swimwear at Macy's on the cheap right now, but you better be pudgy).

Hey yo. Tab fronts like those stylish deals at Unis. Only these are actually a deal. You'll have to get them tailored if you want them slim, but who cares? They're actually available. Belt loops need moved over, but he's TH, it's not like anyone expects him to be perfect.

Cheap v-necks. Sweaters like this are under-rated. Just don't wear it with a cheap shirt. Everyone will notice.

TH just can't help himself. He's gotta brand everything he sells. Some more than others. This is bad taste here folks.

You better be kickin' it to wear a collar like so. But anyone kickin' it usually isn't wearing Macy's TH. Close but no cigar TH.

TH's website says that these are "ready for adventure". More like "ready for cheap beer and pizza grease stains".

Now that you've had your mini tour, I'd check it out for yourself. Judge TH. Judge him hard. Maybe he'll clean out his crap and sell more stuff that people want to buy. Right now, I'd say the crap pieces to decent pieces ration is about 1:1.

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  1. I did pick up a Harrington-like jacket from TH this summer as I needed a lightweight jacket and I had a gift card. It's navy blue with a yellow plaid madras lining. It's not half bad although the fit is a bit off so I made sure to size down. The cool thing is that the only branding was a tiny blue-white-red embroidered rectangle on the underside of I believe my right cuff. You wouldn't even know it was TH unless I told you. I got it for free and I'm pleased!