Friday, August 13, 2010

Socks? Summer? Blaspheme.

No-show socks? Ridiculous. Boat shoes are worn without socks. This is what the hardcore topsidet would say (think cadet, but topsider wearing). Of course, not everyone can perscribe to this. Unfortunate, no? I've worn Sperry's and have never had a problem. When my pair from boarding school blew out, I snatched a brand new pair of Bass boat shoes off ebay for the price of a pack of those no-show socks.



They're very similar, but slightly different. My feet don't notice a difference because Sperry's never bothered my feet, but I understand that they give some people blisters. Now a lot of people get blisters on their heel from the way Sperry's are made. Sperry's don't have a solid heel, and it will have a tendency to grab the heel when you walk. Now my Bass boatshoes, they have a solid heel that I have found doesn't grab my heel when I walk. So, if you've had problems with your Topsiders, might I suggest finding a different boat shoe. It's in almost all cases more expensive then buying no show socks, but for those sockless enthusiasts, it's worth a shot. Unfortunately, I've looked all over the Bass website and cannot find what these were called back in the day. Bass doesn't seem to be offering them anymore. If I were in the market for a new pair of boat shoes, I would take my time to look around. I might find a subtle change in another brand's model that really makes the shoe.

Sidenote: GTBT is finally putting up original media? I don't see any pigs flying but...


  1. I've actually seen these very recently at a Bass outlet. I'd direct anyone interested there.

  2. LL Bean offers a very nice boatshoe as well, for both men and women.

  3. No show socks don't work. My feet have taken a beating this summer going sockless. Is it fall yet?

  4. I love Sperry and own a couple of pairs including a BoO's colabo but they really need to do something about the overall comfort of the shoe. I'm not saying reinvent the thing but maybe add a thicker sole/lining or something.

    I thought my summer boat shoe wearing game was over until my vintage shop owner/buddy said "try these" and handed me a like-new vintage 80's pair of Eddie Bauer(I know right?!) brown boaters with removable suede-like insoles that have been keeping me looking all kinds of fresh this summer. I agree that it's time to find other options.

  5. @ Junctioned: Word, vintage shoes never get enough love. Thrifting for Eddie Bauer is too easy. Because of the label, everyone just sorta' ignores the clothes. Picked up a like new EB short sleeve seersucker for a buck at a thrift shop, even after the selection was mostly picked over.

  6. I bought my boat shoes at LL bean and extremely happy with the shoe. But i will still be getting sperry top-siders for men,just for variety.