Monday, August 2, 2010

Bad Taste?: New Balance

Old guys like New Balance and for good reason. They're comfy. Streetwear bros kinda' like New Balance sneaks, as long as a five-year old got to choose the color scheme (green, pink, and yellow? Sick nasty bro! MLIB). Steve Jobs likes New Balances, they're utilitarian and hate adobe, kinda' like Stevie. So why don't we? Well, the answer is, we kinda' already do. Many of us are just not aware of it. What does this guy wear? And you'll see Ryan Williams rockin' them on occasion. And so will the legend. Obviously, the 993 has a following, as well as the 999 and the 998, but it's more noticeable in the streetwear community . Maybe because it's comfort kicks butt. Sadly, many of us associated the NB 993 with cheap male footwear as NB surplus made it's way into Kohl's and the like. This made a lot of people associate the shoes with bad taste.

Styling-wise, I'm not going to be adding this shoe to my wardrobe just yet. I have pair of white Reeboks that aren't quite dead. They definitely channel the fogey look and look dope with cargos (ROTM anyone?) and look stupid with slim jeans. For the younger crowd, I might wait a decade or so to pick up a pair as you definitely need a unique character to wear these and be cool. If you surround them with nice clothes, they will take on the guise of being styling, and not look as cheap. NBs aren't bad taste, they take on the taste of the wearer. If the wearer has good taste, then they'll conform to the wearer.

Ew, streetwear-y. Maybe not the blue ones.

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