Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fox River


Made outta' corn?


I guess my old socks just weren't eco-friendly enough.


  1. Cotton is one of the worst fibres for clothing because it needs so much pesticide. It's a wonderful fabric, but just not sustainable. Hemp is a much better alternative because it doesn't need the same amount of pesticide, same goes with bamboo.

    Corn may be worse than cotton, though. It is unwise to make clothing out of something edible. If the fibre is made of corn husks, it is good. If it is made from the edible part, bad. So much of the world's hunger can be attributed to rising prices of staples such as corn. This is why biofuel is worse than gasoline. Gasoline isn't good, but it is not edible.

    Ultimately, hemp>bamboo>cotton>corn.

  2. That bottom pic's illustration would look good on a skateboard deck.