Sunday, March 18, 2012

Password Problems

Something odd happened on GTBT last week. It appears that Sam leaked the password to someone. There was a password change and some confusion, but all is well. GTBT will be back to the regular nonsense in a day or two.

While we were gone, the perpetrator did some blogging of his own. Was it good? I don’t personally think so, but I tend to prefer personality over cold hard facts (like the fact that you should consider wearing linen in the summer).

However, the perpetrator did gather himself some acclaim. It was a small badge, but it was still a badge. He was featured on the web-zine Valet. I like the Valet crew. They bump good blogs and do some quality reviews and promotions themselves. They’ve bumped GTBT a few times so I suppose I should thank them for many of my hits that I get each day.

But this? They bumped a kid who I don’t know. He probably sits in his basement, plays Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, and is served Nilla Wafers and milk by his mother when he returns home from school. Does he even wear adult sized pants? What does he know? I don’t know how much he knows. I supposed he reads menswear blogs because he has heard of Grenson and such, but does he have first hand experience? How can you tell when people have had first hand experience? Pictures or it didn’t happen? Being well-versed in the appreciation of expensive clothing?

At the end of the day, Valet is a business. They sell ads and try to create traffic. The best way (apparently) to create traffic is to bump blogs that feature products. But is that really the case? Is that a current truth?

I talk a lot about the contradiction of consumerism and the human drive towards what I may suppose to be a utopia: a place where people aren’t petulant and small. At this future, humans could get beyond the need for differentiation (which in menswear is product driven) or need for place (or perhaps it would be inherent in us, but the result would be the same). We are quite a long way off, aren’t we?



  1. You have a great blog. I thought it was strange that suddenly product endorsements were appearing in your feed.

    "The best way (apparently) to create traffic is to bump blogs that feature products. But is that really the case? Is that a current truth?"

    I mean, John, yeah, DUH, right? That and reblogging found photos. But you're not in this for "the traffic," obviously.

    Seriously, Valet has always had a very consumer-ey focus, right? They know where a lot of money flows from. If they have a product-centric site, then advertisers will pay. So yeah I think they like linking to posts like Frances's.

  2. The rhetorical question was more of a challenge to the current culture rather than a statement of wonderment.

    Thanks for reading. Always appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this nonsense.

  3. You've certainly got a clear grasp of the product pusher character. I've never enjoyed any of the sales pitch posts where the content seemed to belong more on the actual product/manufacturer's website than on a blog.

    I guess advertising something before actually trying it yourself blatantly reeks of selling out.

    Maybe I'm being too pedantic here, but was 'Danite' an intentional misspelling? I couldn't help but be reminded of times when the supposed gatekeepers of refined living were too busy heaping praise on their latest toy to bother running a spell check.