Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grenson Penny Loafers

As mentioned previously, spring and summer are on their way. It never hurts to have some casual foot wear to wear with jeans, lightweight trousers, or shorts. While not appropriate for a suit, these loafers from the Heritage Research x Grenson collaboration look great for most guys who don't have to wear a suit every day. Red brick has seen some time in the sun, and I'm sure you've seen other sand suede loafers with a red brick sole, but blue soles are often paired with garish uppers. With an upper that is toned to match the navy sole, the navy colorway Grenson offers is a great way to mix it up without blinding every one.


Each loafer is outfitted with a Danite sole and are ready for some summer stomping.


Some would argue that Grensons are too bulky, which may be true, but the bulkiness allows for a wider pant leg. So if your leg opening is 16" or 17", I can't think of a better loafer for you to purchase.

Available at Grenson.


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