Monday, March 26, 2012

History of Belgian Loafers

John: Sam has been writing extensively about clothing history recently. I haven’t cross-checked his work but whatever: this is a clothing blog and has useless knowledge.

lets talk abut the history of belgian slippers

Belgian slippers are really cool and had to start from somewhere

after extensive reseach I found that belgian slioppers were invented in 1954 by henri coppens

this makes a lot of sense because coppens is belgian which is proably why they are called belgian loafters


they are slipons because belgium used to be communist and everyone knows that communists are lazy

they were too lazy to tie their shows so they made slipons cool right


so ig ess communists did create something really cool and thats the belgian loafer because I think coppens was a communist

now days there are some really cool referential pieces that you can be getting to wear


you can look like an old time communist when you wear loafers

everyone will know what a lazy fuck you are


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