Sunday, July 31, 2011


Given Sam Franklin’s enthusiasm, I had to give him a few more shots, so expect him to post on occasion. Recently, Sam told me he’s been reading tumblrs that critique the way people dress. He says he’s gotten a lot of inspiration from them and he would like to do a bit of critiquing of his own. According to Sam, his comments are, “witty and biting and really smart and sound smart too”. That’s good to know. We all need a bit of enlightenment. Once again, I present Sam Franklin.


this guy looks like a turd and everything about his outfit looks like poop he looks like a poop on a stick hahahalol


this guy looks like poop and thats because if you took all of his colors and mixed them up it would make brown which is poop haha


look at this guys what a dweeb hes wearing a tie bar that looks like poop and hes wearing a waistcoat which makes him look like hes trying really hard but actually makes him look like poop ahahahahalollol then he doesnt look like hes actually from london which makes him even more of a poop which is gross because poop is gross and then his all black makes him look like black bean diareaa which is groos and nasty and yucky and hes dressed terribly

Well, there you have it. It’s the infinite wisdom of Sam Franklin. Though he stole all of these images from tumblr and didn't cite them. I really don't feel like looking them up for him. My apologies if he stole your image.

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