Sunday, July 10, 2011

guest blogger: sam franklin


hi im sam franklin and ill be blogging for john because hes really busy with work right now and cant do this for a bit and he wanted to make sure that you guys had some stuff to read so im here to write for you

in keeping with his style I thought id write you guys a story I made up

frankie was sitting in the coffee shop drankin espressos being really cool in his based lobbs (lolololololololololloloollklloolokolol) and isaia and just being like really cool and then michael bastin walked in and everybody was like ‘who is this guys he doesnt look like anyone that I no’ but frankie was like ‘holy poop its bastin’ as he tried to contain his excitement he hoped that bastin wouldnt notice him cause he was totally not jawnzed out or anything because like he coulda done so much better and bastinninny went and got a coffee from the girl serving coffee who was a total skank and frankie hated her guts bastin should totally talk to him instead of that whore cause he had lots of interesting ideas and she just knew how to make coffee she probably didnt even know that you need yogurt to make a smoothie she just splooged the whipped cream on top when bastin got his coffee he turned around and saw frankie and he walked over and frankie was like holy shit hes walking over to me and bastin was like ‘hey you got great style you should totally work for me’ and frankie was like omg no way I have a ton of good ideas that no one nos about and bastin was like we should go to my studio to discuss them so no one else hears them we dont want urban outfitters finding out about them and copying them so they went back to the studio and frankie showed him all of his ideas one was like a blazer made out of goretex so that you could be jawnzed in the rain in stuff and there was a bunch of other cooll stuff that I cant think of right now like some shoes that are cool and it was really awesome and then I was going to write in a problem that frankie and bastin would have to solve oh wait there was a guy from uo that they killed but and then they rolled him in a carpet and drove out to the docks and threw him out but I couldnt think of a good one so I think id be better at just writing product reviews because I just know my stuff better than other people and I have a really nice point and shoot that might be as good as like dlsr but probably not but then franklin and bastin released their collection called ‘frankie and bastin’ and it was really awesome and everyone wrote product reviews about it and then bastin and frankie were like the best friends for every and they shared bracelets that said bffs so everyone knew and everyone though frankie was really cool omg bastin is hawt <3<3<3<3 harry potter


  1. This post makes me want to stop following this blog. Have you never learned to use punctuation? Are you 12?

  2. One guy with sleeves rolled vneck. Other with rugby shirt and a sportscoat. Last with a flannel, hoodie, and buttoned peacoat. It's the same when they blog Pitti photos, 4 guys 4 temperatures.

  3. One never expects to get such stirringly uncanny experimental prose in a menswear blog. sam franklin, latest in the line of Krasznahorkai, Bernhard, and Beckett.

  4. Lots of potential here.