Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look @ What I'm Wearing

I don't get good vibes from this.


Seems like a lame marketing tool.

I don't know how this promotes the Gant brand; I guess constant exposure to the website by uploading your outfits in which people can comment how douchey you look.

You get free mp3s to apply to your outfits, which is worth as much as toilet paper.

Also, you've got to connect via facebook, letting know people that you actually care about how you look, which to some, is less than desirable.

I think they gave Brennan Woods @ some free stuff. Will I get some free stuff for posting about this? Probably not.

Oh, wait. I can get free mp3s to apply to my outfits. Woopie.

I kind of wish that brand marketing would take a chill pill. I feel that the less a brand tries to be cute about their marketing, the more I'm attracted to the brand. I can make my own decisions. I don't need to upload 'outfits' via facebook (I do that on blogger... pause). I was attracted to the Gant brand, until now. This is just lame. My money will be taken elsewhere.


  1. I cncur...lame marketing...and a lame outift...he looks like a "chicken boy" if you know what I mean.

  2. Actually toilet paper is worth more, because I can't wipe my ass with an mp3.

  3. I totally respect that and I agree that the less marketing a brand does, the more desirable they become in my eyes. However, I wouldn't rule Gant out for future purchases. My shopping mostly relies on shit going on sale and if I find something nice on sale I'm going for it. Haha

  4. Well I agree that posting how you look, and let your facebook friends to know about is realy annoing to me. But what I would like to point out, based on your comment that the blog the persuit aesthetic "get somne free stuff" for the post that he has made especialy for Gant. The last few months (maybe a couple of years) the most well know blogs about mens style, in one way or another they've been sponsored by companies to promote their products. It is SOOO trust worthy source of info could this be? I think people actively involved should be more carefull.