Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Indian Bummer

Second day of fall? Long sleeves are getting left at home. Hell, jeans are pushing it. We can't wait to preview the flannel, but all good things have their time. Come February, I'm going to be wondering why I was in such a hurry to wear sweaters.


Go short sleeve with a thrifted Eddie Bauer seersucker shirt. Did this see a tailor? Naw, all those tight fitting clothes tend to do a lousy job of regulating your body temperature. I'm not swimming in it via trad style, but it's no SE fit.


Fresh jeans and hat. Gotta' keep it clean for the first few weeks of school.


John Rawls: great philosopher, confusing writer.

Socks might have been a bit much today as it nears 90.


"You gotta' take notes."