Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grown Up Silly Bandz

In case you haven't heard, the kids are ragin' about silly bandz. So much so, that people have produced some music to promote the brand.

Next time you need a bumpin' tune for your next party, you can thank me.

Now trendsetters are adult-inizing silly bandz as they show off their man jewelry as if to say, "I may be 34, but I can accessorize better than a 11 year old girl." Tailors are including working sleeve buttons on jackets, invented so dudes can roll their sleeves to show off their collection of adult silly bandz.


This guy is super silly steezy. Look at all those adult silly bandz. I'm not sure why he hasn't unbuttoned his jacket sleeves. Maybe they're not working button holes, like many jacket button holes pre-adult silly bandz fad.


Poor guy only has one adult silly band. If you've got a couple extra, maybe you could lend them to this guy.


This guy brings new meaning to "get silly".

Photos via giltmanual and someplaceidontremember.

Remember folks. Stay relevant and get lots and lots of adult silly bandz. Fake Rolex dealers will thank you.


  1. The Street Etiquette dudes rock "adult silly bands" and can do no wrong in my book.

    E.g.: http://bit.ly/akEb7k

    But otherwise, yeah.

  2. Actually the guy second from last has a vintage submariner on the proper James Bond royal navy regimental strap. That's not silly in the slightest, it's actually quite badass.

    That being said, I'm sure you get a kick out of Luca Rubinacci and ADG...