Thursday, September 2, 2010

3Sixteen Camp Hat

3Sixteen doesn't really need anyone tooting their horn. They've successfully marketed their brand into the hearts of a wide range of denim enthusiasts and oxford junkies. So maybe this is a thank you note that never got into the mail.


I'm a sucker for ball caps. Sartorialists all over can bemoan the decline of culture that the ball cap has brought upon us, but being a college student, a full brimmed hat or a driver's hat looks contrived and reminiscent of that kid who tried to bring them back in high school. I'll make a metaphor for you. If a driver's hat or full brimmed hat is the cherry on the top of the ice cream sunday, then you'll need a solid bunch of ice cream and syrup beneath it. I'm a college student, I don't wear suits (often), I don't wear long overcoats, and I'm not dressing in that ice cream sunday style. Casually, (i.e. when I'm not wearing a blazer) I'll throw a ball cap on as it feels and looks right.


Camp caps have gotten a revival from streetwear brands as an alternative to those flat brimmed monstrosities. When I picked up a patterned polar fleece camp cap from Durkl last winter, I was hooked as it quickly became my winter go to over my Filson tin cloth ball cap. I picked these two as alternatives as they're certainly less peacocky. After taking the rip-stop canvas green cap for a few test drives, I've gotta' say: these are some well made hats.

So, thanks 3Sixteen, they're dope.


  1. i've got an olive one en route. i wish i could of scooped up the charcoal wool one. guess i'll just have to find a filson one.

  2. okay, my hat is here and it's glorious. hasn't left my head yet.

    i wish i could find that wool one.