Friday, September 3, 2010

Friends Got Yo' Back

Thrifting is something I spend a decent amount of time doing. I'm usually collecting old BB ties or digging through old men's belts and shoes (finding AE shoes in 9s rather than 10s drives me bonkers). Knowing labels always helps. Last semester I took my roommate for one of my scavenging trips and he picked up the gist of what's good and what's worthless. Over the summer, his grandfather was cleaning out his closet and gave a bunch of his stuff for my roommate to root through. My roommate didn't fit into any of it, but he picked up this Lacoste/Izod sweatshirt for me.


It surprisingly fits very well for a large. Snug but not tight, it fits exactly like I want my sweatshirts to fit like. It looks super sharp with an oxford or polo. I'm guessing it's an 80s sweatshirt as research turned up nothing. Y'all can go around spending mad dough on finding the "perfect sweatshirt" (and on that note I would like to add that finding a perfect sweatshirt is dumb. It's a sweatshirt, not a suit) but I'll get mine for free.

Edit: Uber-prep sweatshirts or bust for this guy.


This all being said, I didn't just show you this sweatshirt to tell you how homo my relationship with my roommate is, but to show you how sometimes dressing well is about being a community. One good turn will always result in another. When it comes to thrifted clothes, don't just remember yourself: remember your friends, remember your siblings, and remember that helping each other out can be easy on your wallet.

Sidenote: I went back through old posts. I can't believe how bad the layout looked. Ew.

Sidenote 2: Dear Jake Davis, more lovely ladies in menswear. PLZ.

Sidenote 3: GQ, bums use roller luggage, not classy gentlemen.


  1. Good taste: thrifting from friends
    Bad taste: wearing red heathered striped lacoste/izod shirts

  2. Nice. Don't worry Anon I'm sure you'll be picking up a replica from JCrew,Rugby or Gap soon enough.

  3. Glad somebody finally called out the "perfect sweatshirt" dudes. I've always thought that was pretty ridiculous.