Sunday, August 16, 2009

So I love Wallabees. They're boots and loafers, making them good for winter and fall. They're good with skinny jeans, relaxed jeans, and chinos - not so much shorts but what did you expect? They're boots. The crepe soles kill it and not too many people wear these in my area. None, actually. Anyway, I plan on getting a pair sometime and this is my favorite colorway. What do you think?

Parting Thoughts: I recently have been putting my iTunes library on shuffle and have been discovering jems in my library. I thought I might share one with you. It has some gay auto-tune club vibes that I find kind of awesome. And to think that I usually just listen to hardcore, metal, and pop punk.


  1. I digs me some wallabee's. I'm more of a desert boot kind of guy though...

  2. Meh, I bought my brother a pair of desert boots so I have to wear something other than that; else someone might think we're trying to match.

  3. I have to agree, I am more of a desert boot sort of person. But, I can definitely say that stems from being in Albany, Ga (THE SOUTH in general I believe) where Wallabees are part of the north face jacket, chino shorts uniform of the I-will-never-actually-go-to-UGA-but-dress-as-if-I-did group in high school... Excuse the bitterness! I do like Clarks in general though, despite the silliness at H(y)r right now about them... I am liking the blog- keep it up!