Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bowties and the Rural Problem

This is a bowtie from FM Allen. It's a glen check pattern and it kills on blue shirts like the one it's on now. This combo is awesome, right? Well, I'm sad to say, in most rural areas, a necktie is dressed up - a bowtie, even if well put together, is clownish, no matter what. This is truly unfortunate that the common 'dressy' apparel is a polo and khakis, if that. I've seen secretaries in my hometown at work in a tshirt, and many, many new professionals losing the tie in favor of the pique polo. A necktie draws glances in public now, and they're not good. The glances usually say something like, "Wow, is he pretentious or what?" or, "Who does he think he is, Chuck Bass?" This is a sad day for people who enjoy dressing well in rural areas. While NY has been running towards the fad of trad in recent years, rural areas fell to the fad of the bad cotton graphic t-shirt and has been staying there for years. /endrant

Parting Thoughts: If I thought I was Chuck Bass, I'd wear a bowtie instead of a necktie kthx.


  1. Wow, I can see how that is though. I reside in a suburb just outside of St. Louis and a fashion scene is very close to absent..... That is a great combo... classic ensemble.

  2. Wearing a bow tie is definitely like Chuck Bass. He can totally pull it off, IDK why. But If I were him and attending a wedding, I'll wear a necktie instead. I like wearing 'formal' get-ups at work and looking like a real professional.