Monday, August 10, 2009

So, basically these were the kids I hung out with primarily at my boarding school. Cool, right? They're nice enough guys, but every stereotype in that video is %100 true. They'll even run down halls and dodge you like it's a real game. But fashion lessons are to be learned from them, besides the lax penny and turf shoes. For them, less is more. Higher quality stuff is better than a bunch of average stuff. Get stuff that will last you years, if Michael Williams can't convince you of that, let the lax bros convince you of that.

Parting thoughts: I wore my Keens in the yard today. I was hanging out in the house (with my lax penny, inoright?) without socks, when summoned by my father to work I just threw my Keens on and forgot about them. They're amazingly comfortable, but, like Crocs, a sin. Which is why they'll be confined to yardwork. I wish they looked better, I mean, I'm floating on air when I wear them.

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  1. Hey man.... I noticed you joined my blog, and I think your is pretty cool.... just wanted to return the love

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