Saturday, August 8, 2009


I, like most new college students, have been having their parents slightly update their wardrobe for the fall. However, I picked up two summer-y pieces on sale that will serve me, hopefully, for years to come.
The belt with sail boats on it is made by Zep-Pro and I got it for $20 in Florida. It's a tad preppy, but I was yet to get a woven belt, which was sad.
I got these shorts from RRL for $30. While shorts with dogs on them are by no means a staple of a wardrobe, I will pull these out for cornhole games and dressy casual occasions.

Parting thoughts: I love sweater-vests but I think the metro-sexual has killed it for me. Now, I'm forced to wear them with a blazer which for many people, is too dressy even on sundays. To me that's just unfortunate.

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