Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh Gawd... Bad Pic Quality

Notice the alumni and Reserve ties in the middle and on the far right. The center right one is an un-labeled wool weave.
Vintage Brooks Brothers on the left. On the right, is from a closed Men's store in Lock Haven. It had custom ties made for it back in the day. Is that cool or what? The center two are regimental ties from the UK. My Dad picked them up when he went to school there.
Vintage Brooks on the left, odd brand left center plaid, travel weave center right, and paisly on the right. The paisly feels a lot better than a typical no-name brand.
Centers are Brooks, so don't hate if they they look out of touch with today's style. They would be fly in 1982.

Parting thoughts: I'm downloading Warhammer Online. Will I become a video game spawn as I did when I played WoW? Hopefully not, but who knows. I might disappear off the face of the Earth someday, and get sucked into a video game world. That would be bad. So basically, it's just something else to take up my time - besides comics, clothes, movies, work, and school.

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