Monday, July 13, 2009

With this being my first ‘blog’, I would like to introduce myself to my zero readers. I’m John Lugg. I graduated from Western Reserve Academy this spring and I will be attending Juniata College this fall. I enjoy comics, cartoons, music, drumming, movies, and clothes; and will be subsequently blogging about them. That being said I would like to tell you about something.

Now that The Dark Knight craze has finally died down, I feel that it is safe to blog about Batman; Batman: The Animated Series that is. I watched this often as toddler and thought that Batman was the most badass thing ever, even more than the Power Rangers which is quite a feat. Now, I have gotten hold of all the episodes and will be finishing every single one sometime this summer, but having just watched a dozen or so I would like to endorse at least watching a few. First, the only cars used in the cartoon are based off of cars from the 1930s through the early 1940s. This is adds to the gangster feel to the series which comes off a lot heavier than you would expect from a children’s series. No one wears t-shirts. Most everyone wears a coat and tie which makes for one classy cartoon (if you’re watching episode 12, look for the guy in the purple suit, red shirt, and purple tie, he’s a dandy). There are a few cheesy lines but hey, what cartoon doesn’t have that and if I remember correctly, Batman Begins has quite a few. The artist draw everything on a black background making for a dark feel to the cartoon, which turned out really grim and gloomy, perfect for the character’s being portrayed. Thankfully, the writers decided that Batman doesn’t need much comic relief, besides the Joker and other’s from Gotham’s rogue gallery. This is not Spiderman: The Animated Series mind you. I’m sure those who already read comic books have already seen a couple episodes so they don’t need convincing that this is worth checking out but this is a fantastic series and a good introduction to the Batman character to those who’ve only seen the Batman movies.

I'm headed to Warped Tour Wednesday. I like bad music.

Parting words: I have begun to try to sleep with my mouth closed in an attempt to ward off facehuggers. I doubt this would actually help me very much but I can only hope. I would advise for you to do the same. It's been 5 years and I'm still terrified from Alien.

- The Enthusiast

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