Thursday, July 16, 2009

Warped Tour

The Scranton Warped Tour was a success besides taking my brother’s Lil’ Wayne ticket instead of my own. The ticket sales people were nice enough to make a copy for me at the gate.

Bands I saw:

Hit The Lights

Escape The Fate (they’re bad, hungover, and still drinking)

The Devil Wears Prada

Dance Gavin Dance


A Skylit Drive


Black Out (horrid band, not sure why they’re signed)

Gallows (lead singer above, great performance, one of the best of the day)

Attack Attack! (not sure what they were doing, not a good show at all)



Sing It Loud

The Maine

A Day To Remember

It was a good day, I was short $40, and tired, but that fulfilled feeling stayed in my chest for the ride home. If you don’t like the music I listen to, that’s a good thing, you probably have good taste.

Parting word: If you actually like good music, unlike me, you should check out Alex Metric. Unlike most crappy electro, made by artists who don't understand melody and think a primitive jungle beat will keep people happy, Alex Metric understands that music must follow Mozart's guidelines.

Alex Metric – Shirley You Can’t Be Serious.mp3

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