Tuesday, July 21, 2009

School Ties

The tie on the right is the tie I wore Mondays and Fridays at Western Reserve Academy. The one on the left is the one I received at graduation as a new alumni. I don't wear my school tie anymore as it has dining hall stains and is falling apart in the back. It's not very well made. The alumni tie is considerably better made and is woven, not printed on. Generally I like to wear the alumni tie with a blue blazer with gold buttons, a light blue oxford, my white pants from graduation, and topsiders. It results in a very East Coast look, which my old headmaster, 'Skip 'Flanagan, was always going for. While he was slightly more interested in lacrosse than the well-being of the school (which is not necessarily a bad thing as his wife was an angel for the school), he was still a good traditional school master. While I only spent one year at Reserve, I will remember him as my headmaster, more so than Mr. Burner who I wish the best of luck to.

Parting thoughts: Batman pajamas are still cool right? 'Cause I'm intent on getting this pair.


  1. That is a great look! you should post a picture of it. I wear my topsiders with white pants and navy fred perry track jacket.

  2. The Batman Pajamas are funny.