Friday, July 17, 2009

White ball caps

To me, white hats say summer. Whether it's painting your dad's fence, working landscaping, or picnicing, I'm under the impression that white ball caps, a little dirty, endorsing your prep school, college, or someone else's, are generally cool. I had a Western Reserve Cross Country ball cap that I wore last summer but lost sometime this past fall. I was lost as to what to wear this summer until I found my cousin's white cap in storage. I'm not going to Miami University of Ohio and I don't like the football team either but it will do. White caps are like white sneakers, a little dirt goes a long way to add character. They go great with t-shirts, button-ups, and polos. They seem to scream all-american boy, which is a look I often go for, for better or worse.
If you're a guy wearing dark hats during summer I would recommend dropping them for a white hat. White's less hot and keeps your outfit light if you're wearing a dark shirt.

Parting thoughts: I finished Herman Hesse's Journey to the East recently. What the hell was going on in that book?

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