Sunday, January 13, 2013

Trend Watch: Pitti Uomo 2013

After all the pictures from Pitti Uomo 2013 came out, Sam and I sat down and attempted to synthesize it into something meaningful. The following is what we came up with:

JL: There's lots of stuff going on here. I'm not sure if we take these things and say anything relevant with them. Floppy hats will be worn poorly starting now.


SF: clothes are very in


JL: I would agree. Clothes are a trend in all these photos.


SF: clothes are so more in than they were at pitti 2012


SF: nekkid is no longer in remember when bands had nekkid peple on their album cover

JL: Clothes would seem to be a recurring theme at a trade-show.


SF: look somepeole wear their clothes silly

JL: Is wearing your clothing silly a trend?

SF: i wuld say im a style expert


JL: Look at this photo. Is the zipper jacket a post-clothing reference to being in the nude? Remember when some writer called men's ankles similar to women's cleavage? Is this similar? Is it a hint at back cleavage? Is this post-menswear but pre-androgynouswear?

SF: i wold say that i think that i will clothes this year as they are very in

JL: You heard it here first. Clothes will be 'in' for 2013.

Photos from Tommy Ton, Selectism, and Men's Reverie.

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