Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I was reading Moon Knight the other day -- the Benson run -- and realized that Moon Knight wears white regardless of the season. He doesn’t care about societal rules. He stencils muthafuckas foreheads. 

Sounds familiar.

Sounds like #menswear.

Wearing white whenever you want, rambling about some look from Pitti, and stenciling reblogs with your sign is VERY Moon Knight/#menswear. 

#menswear is a double edged sword of lunacy (or lunarcy -- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH). Fuck the rules. Obey the rules. What I’m doing is relevant. What I’m doing is irrelevant.


He rocks the matching socks and shirt. I know some people who would do this. OCD is a disease.

People who have OCD wake up in the morning, put on a pair of socks, then take them off, then put on another pair, then match their underwear to their socks, then take the underwear off, then pick out a sweater and match their underwear to their sweater, then match their shirt to their socks.

Then they put on pants and the chosen sweater.

Then they put shoes on. Maybe. If they did everything in order. 

Then they take everything off and put it back on again. 

Bob Hope’s penny loafers look schlick -- Vernon Davis menswear schlick. Vernon Davis is very relevant as are Bob Hope’s penny loafers.

Date Rape S/S ’14.

Anyway, this fit sucks (IMO -- the most important menswear caveat). I’m glad he uploaded it to sufu so everyone can make fun of him.


Check the dude on the left with the yellow shirt, what looks like sky blue corduroy shorts, and a white belt not made out of natural materials.

Schwinn catalog covers were the worst. 


Check the guy in the front. He’s wearing something similar to the guy in the previous picture, but with a pastel palatte. 

Some people are very against wearing shorts. Was this caused by scarring from old Schwinn catalog covers? This seems to be a fair theory.

I’ll run with it. Like all ill-fated trends, Schwinnwear seems destined for a rebound and for acceptance into the tongue-in-cheek-but-also-up-your-butt world of menswear. 

Who is the future designer that will carry the torch of Schwinnwear? Will it be you? Will you be reinterpreting the classics of corduroy shorts and synthetic belts? 

Schwinnwear for good and for bad. It’ll always be with us as it’s imprinted into our sartorial history.

Jean shorts and polos are mad comfortable.


80s Schwinnwear was dope as hell.

Tight t-shirts, pleated khakis, and sneakers seems to be my destiny. How those pant leg openings didn’t get caught in the chain is beyond me, kerchief-tied-to-right-leg be damned. Look at that perfect break though. It’s gorgeous. 

Hoodies and shorts are due for a moment. It’s been too long. And by too long I mean since middle school.

Middleschoolwear S/S ’15?

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