Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sam Franklin's Swimsuit Round-up

Im going to be doing more posts since john is going abroad because hell be in a forieng country dong stuff so like I get to do product reviews which I haven’t gotten any product offers but im sure theyre coming

Listen yo I been thinking about the summer and all the warth that it offers cause of all the warm weather welve gotten in the tates I been thinking about swimming in the summer and suwim suits and stuff

I decided to give you a rundown of all the cool swimsuits out there but I forgot the links so youll have to try and find them on your own
Oh well


So.lid swimtrunks are great and go well with every skin tone you can be fat or skiny and wear these in sfutt these are probably mad cheap from where ever I recommend searching ebay and getting used ones cause theyre cheap


Ones with patterns are crazy and for sartorial experts like me


Yo there swim trunks are on that new rickowns awesome stuff and things theyre proably my favorite of the bunch and id like to add these to my wardrobe ive got like 5 paris of swim sturnks but I wear all of them cause I love swimming as I tiold you in the begginging of the post


These are crazy and like on a sartorial level of like11 and they are really cool but you know whats not cool

Pubes pubes aren’t cool at all

You should consider shaving them or trimmering them up yo like heres how you do it


You take a razor or trimmer and go with the hair not against it or youll get razor burn which sucks on your face but is worse on your legs that crap is the worst thing ever like I was trying to shave a monogram into my pubes but them I shaved the wrong way and got burnt

I couldn’t sit down and when I was with a girl she was like you whay is your skin all red and I was like embarrassed and instead of sying razin burn I said std and then she ran away and told all of her friends
It was really the worst thing ever

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