Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nike Flyknits

John: Nike makes some crap shoes. Nike also makes some awesome shoes so I guess it just takes some know to navigate what to get and what to avoid. Now that a lot of imagery for the Nike Flyknits has dropped, I hope that these fall under the "get" catergory. I mean, they should be, as the racers (pictured) are prepared for the London games this summer. Gotta' love them speedy lightweight running shoes. For speedy running that is.


Sam: idont know why john thinks theyese are so cool because theyrenot you know what is cccool nike frees are cool cause you can wear them with a suit and look really really cool these suck because you cant wear them with a suit becase not blogger has every done it if i had pctures of how they look but i dont because im still trying to get a pair

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