Thursday, February 9, 2012

blogspots Worth Following

I don't know what happened. People don't read blogspots any more. People are rolling around tumblr looking inward in their community and not bothering to look outward. Subjective is great and all but when I see subjective critiques disguised as objective, my stomach roils. You can be a judge as long as you aren't exclusive of others. If you are exclusive? Then get real and stop kidding yourself. You're not judging because others are wrong, you're judging to build yourself up.

So here's some non-tumblr links you all need to follow because this introspective labeling will create you a community but close your mind:


ADG loves his Flusser stuff and also got me using the term "fuzzy dice", which is odd given that I haven't met the man. Things get awkward when personal photos show up. On the other hand, his quest for sartorial nonsense is second to none. Horizontal striped shirts? Yes. Green shoes? Yes. Book collections? Yes. Toy soldiers? Er, maybe? His suits range from 1 year old to 20 and you wouldn't know the difference. He goes through martinis much faster.

Coiled Pleasures

Patrick doesn't do many posts about clothing. Mostly he just goes to his local library, rents crappy movies, and tells you why you shouldn't bother watching them. I enjoy reading these but I know you tumblrs only care about style and fashion (why know everything when you can know just a few things?). He'll post some stuff about how a guy who writes for the paper will dress on occasion; mostly trad stuff and moccasins (Pochahontas meets Yale). Also, fly fishing.

Admiral Cod

He's an asshole and a racist. Still worth reading.

Young Man/Old Man

More crotch shots. Also, ACC jokes, some awesome whole-cuts that never get old, croakies, and penny loafers.

Hands on with X

"But this is just pictures of food." You're right, but there's some EG and New Balances hidden in there if you look closely. #menswear Where's Waldo.

This is not New

I keep on screwing up putting JJJound's new addresses in my reader. This one never changes. It's easier. It's also better than tumblr because the stream of thought is not interrupted by those crappy #menswear memes.


  1. No love for Heavy Tweed Jacket?

  2. @TC: Everyone and their mother knows HTJ. No point in bumping something that my readers already read.

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