Monday, July 19, 2010

Three button buffoons

Picking on selectism is too easy. In a post, which featured the above product, they said, "On a side note, it’s also nice to see that the three button blazer has now made a full comeback into popularity." No, it's not nice to see that the three button blazer has made a comeback into popularity. Three button blazers look okay on Asian workwear fanatics. They look lousy on someone trying to dress up for a recital or a date. If you think that three button blazers look 'fine', go to a shop, try on a two button and a three button blazer, and then come back with your results. Unless you're said Asian workwear fanatic, you're gonna' look like a maitre'd.

When three buttons look okay:
-with workwear.

And that's it.

Sidenote: Don't confuse three buttons with a 3/2 roll. They're two completely different things.

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