Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Orvis Sells Us "Herbie - the one with Lohan"

You gotta' love Orvis. They make good stuff and carry some awesome collabs that aren't intended for the "return of Americana" trend as they've been selling them for years. Of course, they had to get in on the workwear trend and throw out some stuff with updated cuts. Should be dope right? Well, the result is neat-o but not neat-O! by any standards. It's kinda' like a movie we've seen before, but with a new babe(?). There are some great looking pieces (it's Orvis, we really don't need to discuss quality) and some pieces that are flaccid. I would like to mention that Orvis has always played the role of outfitter more so than clothing producer, which means that they'll get other people to make them gear for them to sell. I found it comforting that they continued the trend with this collection. (All this via Selectism)

Some selvedge, nothing new here. Have you ever heard of Stronghold? Worth investigating if you're down with dropping above $200 on a pair of jeans. Now, if we were all that well endowed.

Who has 2 thumbs and is not interested in dropping $200 on a belt buckle? This guy. Frye boots are cool and femme at the same time. Maybe people will mistake me as a lesbian steel worker if I wear these?

These are channeling the workwear trend times your mom. And under $200 these are awfully tempting. They've got an intense vintage Carhartt vibe going for them. Rising Sun, featured by Put This On, has got their grapefruit together on these pants. Now if only they weren't distressed.

Go to a army surplus store, buy this shirt, problem solved.


We're not even discussing $50 for three pairs of work socks. The selvedge khakis? Curious. I'm interested to see the benefits of selvedge khaki, as you can get regular Orvis khakis for $80 on their website. Throw in some extra for a tailor, and voila, you've got some nice khakis. I'm sure that selvedge khaki is something that khaki lovers can really get into, but I'm not seeing the extra investment worth it. I'm still wearing out my pair from boarding school so I'm not dropping this kind of money on khakis.

Overall, cool, and maybe comparing it to a Herbie remake is unfair. But none of it is mind blowing. When will Cowboys become fashionable again? I really want to buy a pair of tasseled gloves.

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  1. Incredible commentary as per usual. Times your mom.