Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bad Taste?: Metal Music

For me, summer is about getting outside, getting sick of the sun, and digesting tons of mp3s.

Of course, I gotta' share some of it. Like my blog title suggests, I have some pretty terrible taste, especially in the music catergory.
I listen to everything from The-Dream to Slayer. For me, summer is about metal tunes and I have tearing through LPs faster than a hipster on coke.

Hate my music yet? At least my tastes are more interesting than yours. I like Weezy, Jeezy, and Yeezy as much as the next guy, but c'mon, expand your horizons to the music that the kids who didn't take showers listened to. You should know I was the only kid at Scranton Warped Tour throwing down in seersucker.

Parting thoughts:

This is ADG doing Levis cutoffs a la Sid Mashburn style. Not sure how I feel about these manpris. We'll just say that they're triple black diamond on the sartorial difficulty scale. So if you're still on the bunny slopes, don't even think about it. For those who are tackling the more difficult of sartorial slopes, wear it with a blazer and dress shoes without socks. I'm not sure I'd stray very far from the Mashburn formula. Be careful not to throw your masculinity out with the cuffs that you cut off your Levis.

Edit: Oh, and get an ankle tan.


If knowing that I listen to bad music makes you wanna' puke, you should know that I do dabble in European rape techno.

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