Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ivy & Navy

These guys know their socks and sandals. While Birkenstocks fell off my radar, these guys put it right back on with their look-alikes. I'm definitely looking to get a new pair of clogs after the mum threw out my pair from prep school. They also love cats, which is a plus in my book. A lot of guys don't like cats, but I'm not sure why. They generally take care of themselves, and don't come home with porcupine quills in their mouth. And to those who say they smell, I say, "learn to clean a litter box, it's actually easier than giving your dog a walk 5 times a day." But yes, sheddin' is a bitch. Much love to these guys for reppin' the clogs and inspiring me.

Ivy & Navy

1 comment:

  1. Sandals and socks...not so much.
    As for Clogs...yes. I suggest the Uggs sheep skin lined men's has a vibram sole and loves bare feet...can wear 'em all year. I also have a pair of Bass slip ons I got for cheap at an Outlet in Lake Placid NY. Just my reccomendations.....