Monday, April 12, 2010

Bad Taste?: Belt Buckles

Some years ago, men lost the belt buckle to the douches. How did it happen? The same way men lost the graphic t-shirt to douches. Clothes shouldn't have mottos on them. If the article of clothing is any good, it should speak for itself through it's quality, material, and cut. There's no reason to have your t-shirt tell the passerby that you love 'Great Sax' and your belt buckle proclaim to your girlfriend that you are 'Superman'. Graphic t-shirts and belt buckles have become existential ideology that every beer drinking, pussy grinding man hopes to fulfill. If you can't back up that saying on your shirt or belt buckle, you might not wanna' be seen with it on. Sadly most belt buckles fall into this trap and have fallen to the wayside.

Enter the 'find'. I was on vacation with my Grandfather during the summer before 9th grade, following the Lewis and Clark trail with other elderly folk guided by an Native American/Irish man and some guy who wrote a book about Sheheke (pronounced Shuh-hake-shote), a Mandan Indian who met Thomas Jefferson. We traveled along the Missouri River up until Montana. Then, randomly, we went to Mt. Rushmore and at the tourist-y gift shop, I stumbled upon this belt buckle that I immediately purchased.

The noses of GW and Abe are wearing off. I guess it just shows that I've been wearing almost everyday since. If you asked me which piece of clothing described me, I would tell you that this belt buckle does.

Belt buckles should be about you, not what you aspire to be. Men will take the belt buckle back, it'll just take time for each one to find a buckle that's them and not someone else.

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