Friday, April 23, 2010

Bass Barret

McNairy has been killing the red brick sole look recently. Turn your head to just about any blog and you've got one of his drop-dead gorgeous shoes staring back at you. Of course, most are out of our price range, and considering that red brick soles need resoled more often than most shoes, this makes them less than satisfactory to our check books. In steps G.H. Bass. With McNairy-esque designs they throw down the Barret, which is absolutely dope. $80 for a red brick suede wingtip and you'll be able to buy yourself a TV dinner other than Kid Cusine. Just do yourself a favor and avoid the puddles.


  1. Love 'em.
    Red crepe soles are very easy on the feet!

  2. Kid Cuisine shout out = you are now my new favorite blog. I am gonna reblog the shit outta btw so shout outs comin' your way soon.

  3. My parents never let me eat Kid Cuisine, but they can't say crap about my shoes now.

    Saw the link over at Sart. Inc. and added you to my Google Reader. Definitely linking this from my blog. Can't wait for these shoes to drop at Zappos (since I have no idea what size I wear).