Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shoes: Old Adidas Ransom

You've probably already seen this. It's old hat, rotting on the grapevine, etc. I, however, have just stumbled upon (can I steal this phrase from LAS?) Adidas's Ransom via Full Clip.

I like Adidas shoes, as they have a European vibe without being "oh, look at me and my Euro-trash trainers". The Samba (I'd throw a link to Sart Inc.'s Samba post here but I'm too lazy), Rod Laver, Stan Smith, are all wardrobe staples for many men. You can't play tennis in Red Wings and you can't kick the ball around in Alden's. So I think it's fair to say that the Adidas brand has influenced the way men dress for the past few decades; they're by no means newbies re-interpreting old designs. The designs shown in this video, however, are Adidas recreations of other brand's shoes. I see: Common Projects, Danner, Russell, Creative Recreation, and maybe a few other influences. This is nothing new, nothing eye-catching, and says to me that Adidas wants a piece of the minimalist/boot pie. It's their attempt at taking someone else's bread and butter (everyone does this, I know). However, the pieces look clean and are probably of good quality. I wouldn't mind having a pair in my closet.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Im digging those moc toe sneaker boots and the black leather ones...I'd def. buy these depending on price of course.

    Thanks for the shout outs btw. And go ahead and use "stumbled upon" as much as you like because as far as I can tell I don't own any words in the English language. Not yet at least.