Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ebay finds

With the flexibility of a debit card, I now troll the site known as There's always really good cheap stuff being sold there. I'm not sure why we need flea markets when we have things like ebay now. Hell, I don't even have to move an inch to find a LL Bean flannel for $9. Ebay may be taking the fun of the hunt in second-hand shopping, but it certainly is easier to find exactly what you want. Instead of swimming in a second hand suit, you can find something that might actually fit you (as long as you know how to measure yourself).
Enough endorsing ebay, now to the real stuff. Every now and then you come across those things on ebay that you would never come across anywhere else. This is an example of that:



Brutally, brutally cool, this old 1930's drumset is being sold here starting at $650. I can't believe how well maintained this drumset is. Despite some rusted hinges and bolts, everything is still intact, including the front bass drum head which is beautifully adorned with the band name. Googling "Art Jayson and his Orchestra" turned up nothing. While it's history is cloudy, this is a drum collector's dream.

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