Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review: The Hundreds Dig Dug Sweatshirt

"Streetwear sucks" may be considered true by some and I will agree, some streetwear is of poor quality and fit, and just hands down isn't something anyone would wear. Of course, there are a couple gems here and there worth picking up. Certain sneakers and jeans come to mind but good sweatshirts (that I would wear) by these streetwear brands are few and far between. Most streetwear sweatshirts/hoodies fit baggy, have obnoxious color ways with zany designs that look appropriate on an 8th grader, and have the quality of a plastic bag from your local grocer. However, I think I hit something half-decent.

The Hundreds Dig Dug Crew Neck Sweatshirt:

Now, I can't tell you where to find this as I picked it up at Jackthreads.com (for those who don't know, it's a streetwear version of giltman.com) for dirt cheap, and I can't find anyone else who keeps it in stock. I'm not really sure when The Hundreds released this as when I inquired twice via email I received no answer (so much for customer service, huh). So as far as finding your own, you might be out of luck; unless Jackthreads.com throws up another The Hundreds sale.

The sweatshirt fits like a charm. It's long enough for my abnormal torso, with arms that do not over bunch at the wrist. It's got two ribbed panels at the side, allowing for more flexibility and for a better fit. The pocket on the chest is too small to keep anything, besides a set of keys but the detail is a nice accent to an otherwise boring sweatshirt. Above the pocket there is a tastefully embroidered The Hundreds logo. It should be noted that I purchased the sweatshirt in brown which looks much better than the black, I just couldn't find a picture in brown. Overall, the look and fit of the sweatshirt is exactly what I was hoping for.

The sweatshirt may not be as thick as some would hope as it's made out of a thinner cotton, but it's perfect for when I go snowboarding as I don't leave the slopes drenched in sweat. Having worn this on the slopes a few times, I feel that this is the perfect layering pierce under a parka. IF (a big big if) you can find it, I would recommend at least giving it a thought before you buy a LL Bean or JCrew sweatshirt.

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