Friday, July 13, 2012

GTBT Turns 3

A Guide to Bad Taste turns 3 years old today. I started this site when I was 18 years old. Since it’s GTBT’s bday, I thought I’d give shout outs to myself:

-       I have never run an ad.
-       I am one of the longest running menswear opinion blogs out there. Everyone else has real jobs or got bored.
-       I’m mildly consistent, meaning I post occasionally.

While I may think I’m great, I owe a ton to everyone who stops by or has me on their rss feed. You guys show up in force when I post (look at some of dem stats) and I always appreciate you reading something of mine. Even more commendable is that none of you know me. I have never met a reader of GTBT (except for some family members who found this; shout outs for keeping the jokes to a dull roar). The fact that you guys stop by despite not knowing me is awesome. You guys are the reason I post a couple times a month.

So, I have a big announcement that you may not like to hear.

I’m going to stop writing GTBT.

Just kidding. That would be lame.

I have too much fun writing this stuff. I should have a new post up next week.

See you then.