Monday, July 2, 2012



Have to give it up to Conor on this one. These look pretty dope. I, however, don't take pictures. If you do, consider this as the grail alternative to the leather strap. I don't have a hands on review (I don't do those, duh) but Conor put the straps through some Sam Franklin-esque tests (running a half mile with a camera attached).

Conor isn't some kid who read too much Marx, became an idealist, and asked some relatives to set up his new business so he could live off his handiwork. He's just a guy who is participating in the community with his spare time (he's got a family and a job, so he doesn't have much, but he certainly makes good use of it). Give him a hand.

I'm not sure about the cordies that he makes. I think it's a southern thing.

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  1. I would actually love to see Sam do some awesome tests of these.

    Thanks for the post John. Much appreciated. Let me know if you ever do start taking pictures and I'll hook you up for this post.

    And it's definitely a southern thing. I didn't get it at first (like for the first 4 and a half years) but now I can dig it.