Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Fuckyeahmenswear is funny. There is no doubt. I didn't want to write this but I feel that people don't quite get it. Is it his/her/it's/Maurice's hip-hop references? Is it how he/she/it/Maurice knows menswear better than your average tumblr ass clown? Sarcasm? His/her/it's/Maurice's corruptions of Bastian and Cucinelli? Is it that he/she/it/Maurice makes fun of our ridiculousness?

It's not.

It's funny because FYMW so subtly strokes our ego.

People love inside jokes. It makes them feel included. Do you know the difference between a Danner and a Bean Boot? Good, then you're in. By poking fun at menswear, FYMW assures us of our presence. He/she/it/Maurice builds our ego by tearing us down. Like when your best friends rag on you for being a character, or for being unique, FYMW does the same thing.

People seem to think that FYMW is so great because it makes us introspective and cast off our absurdities. The former is true, but there is a secondary effect to this introspection and it is not that we cast off our absurdities. It makes us believe that our preposterousness is actually a good thing. Few menswear bloggers/readers are in 7th grade, the last thing we want to is to fade into the background. We revel in our quirks.

We love ourselves so much.


  1. This is very astute and clever, and something I hadn't considered before. You are perceptive.

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