Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recollection: Dover Coloring Books

I think blogs like The Trad and Ivy Style are fascinating because they tell stories. They don't only show us what they think is dope, they tell us why they think it's dope through a personal anecdote or a well researched article. On that note, I'm going to recollect my grade school years and tell you what I thought was dope. I was homeschooled up until 8th grade and every morning for half an hour (before things like math and writing took place) my mother would read classic literature to us while we colored. And colored we did, specifically in Dover Coloring Books. I remember my brother and I would try to find the exact colors of uniforms that the soldiers would be wearing in books like:


I remember I finished coloring many a book up until 3rd or 4th grade when I outgrew them. WWI battles, airplanes, civil war uniforms, revolutionary war cannons, and, oh yeah, sports cars; we would color them all. I cannot remember being so satisfied with myself as when I would finish coloring an entire book. Since then, Dover has reduced publication of these books. Many books published years and years ago are still sitting in storage. I think I was one of only a few kids who thought Dover Coloring Books were cool. It's too bad, I learned the entire timeline of the Civil War by 4th grade, and knew the Lewis & Clark route like the back of my hand. Which brings me off topic. What's the deal with schools not teaching social studies?

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