Monday, February 8, 2010

Bad Taste?: Fanny packs

Billykirk usually kills. They create amazing products that I would wear Monday afternoon in class, Friday night chasing the skirts, and Sunday morning, purging myself of the weekend. I would wear most all their stuff. Most all their stuff. Of course everyone makes mistakes, we're human after all. Hell, we've even put nipples on the bat suit; making a disguised fanny pack is the least of humanity's mistakes. That being said, threw this up on their site today. Billykirk's No. 247 is practical, utilitarian, and, after all is said and done, a fanny pack. I love the idea of having somewhere to stash my lock but putting it on a fanny pack? Here's a better idea, throw your u-lock on your backpack, attach it to the back of your bike, or strap it on your belt but don't ever put it on a fanny pack.


P.S. I love selectism because they post the good and the fodder.